Service Apartments FAQ’s

Upfront costs depend on length of stay.

  • Rent to be paid in advance for stays less than one month.
  • One month rent to be paid in advance for stays greater than one month.
  • Security deposit nil for daily and weekly stays.
  • Security deposit of Rs.50,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/- for stays up to three months.
  • Security deposit of 1 month’s rent for stays over three months to six months.
  • Security deposit of 2-6 months rent for stays over six months.
  • Copy of Passport Information Page – Foreigners
  • Copy of Valid Visa – Foreigners
  • Government ID – Election Card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card
  • Completed Application Form (Send by us)

Move-in on the same day is not permitted unless your company has a contract with us. The application process (paperwork, vendor registration, contract and payment) require at least 2- 3 days to complete if in India. Those abroad should presume the process will take 1 (one) week as payments from abroad to India can take time.

Yes, all utilities except electricity are included in the rent for stays less than three months. Normally for stays more than three months, electricity, water, gas are chargeable on actual. However in special cases additional fee can be charged to include all these utilities with a upper limit, if the utilities are not used sensibly and the limit is exceeded one has to pay over and above the limits (Limits vary between apartment size). Please turn off the water, electric appliances and air conditioner when not in use to save energy. Wi-Fi Internet is normally free and included in rent.

The kitchenware, tableware, bedding’s, linen and towels are all provided in the rent. Requests for additional bed will require extra charges.

The payment should be made by Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque however most of the properties accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard). If you want to pay by credit card please inform us.

Normally there are no hidden charges. But you can be charged for any willful damages to the property.

Normally Internet is free and included in rentals. Speed vary from 4 Mbps to 16 Mbps depending on location and data plan. High speed data is limited to 50 GB per month after the limit is exceeded the speed comes to 512 Kbps. But if internet has an unreasonably heavy usage then you can ask for heavy data plans or buy additional data with a charge.

As a general rule, check-in time is 14:00 hours onwards and the check-out time is 11:00 hours. However, depending on availability of the property, the move-in and move-out time can be flexible on request and availability.

We will contact you and arrange a convenient arrangement after the payment and paperwork are completed. Our staff will help you with smooth check-in, explaining you with all the services and facilities available.

Yes, we have a dedicated travel desk and transfers can be arranged at a charge. The driver will meet you at the exit with your Name Card. We can also assist you with daily car rentals and also help you with monthly car packages.

For more information, please ask for our travel desk.

The contract can be extended on request but depends on availability, If the apartment is not available, we can offer an apartment in the same or a different property matching your requirements.

Yes, it is possible to termination the contract but is governed by the cancellation policy/early termination clause in the contract. One requires minimum notice period mentioned in contract for vacation for avoiding penalties for early check-out. There will be no refund if the termination date is less than the notification period mentioned or if you vacate the property before the revised termination date.

Yes. We have properties available for stays less than one month on daily and weekly basis. However the daily and weekly rates are higher than the monthly rate.

Our serviced apartments usually have daily housekeeping, cleaning service 6 days in a week included in the rent. Other furnished and unfurnished properties have a housekeeping option for an extra charge. Please inquire for more information.

We have a dedicated supervisor for all properties, someone who can be contacted in case of any day to day problems or in an emergency. We will also share a list of our other managerial staff and their telephone numbers for any kind of support.

Yes, there are number of apartments that allow smoking. Generally smoking is not permitted in the common areas and public places in India.

Unfortunately, serviced apartments have a NO pet policy. We do offer Pet Friendly Apartments with long-term leases of over a year to two years but require a pet deposit to cover any damages. Please contact us for more information.

In India, when you move out of the apartment, normally you are not charged any cleaning fee. Some property owners insist on it and one has to go by what has been settled at the time of signing of the contract. If you are in India, normal “wear n tear” is borne by the property owner, but you will be liable for any damage. There is no regulation governing the same but the owner can only charge directly applicable and reasonable damage. The following are examples of what damage you will be responsible to pay for:

  • Holes and hooks in the wall for pictures/drawings.
  • Damaging, staining of walls requiring repainting.
  • Scratches on the floor with heavy furniture.
  • Damage to furniture and fixtures like TV, washing machine etc.

Even if the above are by accident, you will be charged for repair upon move-out.

One is legally bound to return deposits at the time of vacation and the property owner cannot unreasonably over charge for damages and cleaning (if applicable). The damages and cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit if any, one has to pay for damages that have happened and are not caused by “wear n tear”. Normally the terms of the lease mentions penalties in the form of interest and continuing to hold possession in case of delay in payments of security deposits.

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