General FAQ’s

It’s not mandatory to avail services of Relocation Expert, but it is always advisable to do so as they understand the integrities and complexities of renting. They provide personalized and cost-effective services, effective communication backed by local expertise and knowledge. You are in a better position to negotiate terms and conditions if you avail services of an expert.

NO. There is absolutely no difference in the rent price and conditions of renting an apartment. We understand the complexities of Relocating and to make the move a simple and memorable one, we offer a range of programs allowing you and your family a smooth transition into life in India and helping you to focus on your work related responsibilities.

Yes, in most cases the owners require a company lease i.e. your company will enter into lease agreement and rent will also be paid directly. In the case you do not have a company lease then owners demand for other documents to support your request like comfort letter from your company, your salary certificate etc.

In case you are an Individual businessman or professional, one can ask for last Income Tax Returns, Balance Sheets, P&L etc, references from last house you rented, to see that you have a strong financial background and there will be no defaults.

YES. The properties displayed are featured properties. We have our own exclusive database of properties. Our team is always in hunt for new and good properties. Please contact us by phone (+91-999-999-5659), email ( with your special requirements, our expert will be glad to assist you to find your new home.

The choice of apartment is guided by two major things. Length of stay and budget. We have options for all lengths of stay starting from daily, weekly, monthly to yearly and budget suiting your pocket. Please contact us directly for tailored solutions.

Following are recommended;

Short Stays

One week to six months => Serviced Apartments

Long Stays

Six months to one year => Serviced Apartments, Furnished Apartments

Very Long Stays

More than one year => Service Apartments, Furnished Apartments, Rental Apartments

Prices are high due to limited supply of land and high demand in this densely populated cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Many of the world’s largest cities like Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong and Paris are also expensive. We cater for people that are looking for high quality apartments. There are budget apartments also available, so please contact us with your budget and requirements and we will give you best possible options.

Length of your intended stay will dictate what type of apartment suits you and accordingly the budget and costs. Please choose the FAQ category in the top navigation menu to find out more.

Generally, serviced apartments can be quickly occupied and require 2-5 working days. Long term apartments can take around 15-20 working days from the day we receive your query. Because long term apartments require viewings, contract, registration and move in date process.

Realistically you will need 15 – 30 days of short term accommodation to ensure you are not stressed for time and settling for an apartment you are not completely happy with. We have a range of serviced apartments available for weekly and monthly stays. We are a one stop organization taking care of all your housing needs.

Depending on what type of accommodation you are looking at will decide what documentation you will need. Please check out the specific FAQ’s apartment category you intend to use to find out more.

Rent is payable in advance for the month. This is usually due at the start of the month and has to be paid ideally before 7th of each month. In case of short term service apartment the rent has to be paid all in advance.

The industry standard professional fee for you to hire your relocation expert/agent for long term apartment is equivalent to one month’s rent plus 15% (can be changed as per new govt policies) service tax. Generally, the fees paid includes service of introducing suitable apartments/homes, negotiations, processing paperwork and applying for utility services. In case of short stays it amounts to 10% of rent payable plus 15% (can be changed as per new govt policies) service tax.

Security deposit depends on the type of apartments you are choosing. In case of service apartments for shorter period the deposits are minimal. In case of furnished and rental apartments for long term, new tenant is required to pay the owner a deposit at the time of signing of the lease contract to cover any non payment of rent, outstanding utilities payments, cleaning fees and any damages to the property beyond normal wear and tear. The tenant can claim back this money at the end of the contract. In many cases, upon signing the contract the new tenant usually pays two to three months’ security deposit. This deposit can also go up to a maximum of 6 months, depending on individual owners. This applies to both Indian and Expats looking to rent a property.

Maintenance fee is a fee charged to common occupants in a building for common services. The fee is only applicable in case of long term accommodations. This is usually applicable to apartment buildings that have a Concierge, Rubbish Rooms, Swimming Pools or Gardens, Security, Lift Maintenance etc. It is common for apartment buildings that have shared areas and is not negotiable.

In India this is not compulsory when moving into an apartment. But is recommended as it provides protection against events beyond your control that happen in your apartment .This is only advisable in case you are going for long term accommodations.

In India, when you move out of the apartment, normally you are not charged any cleaning fee. Some property owners insist on it and one has to go by what has been settled at the time of signing of the contract. If you are in India, normal wear and tear is borne by the property owner, but you will be liable for any damage. There is no regulation governing the same but the owner can only charge directly applicable and reasonable damage. The following are examples of what damage you will be responsible to pay for:

  • Holes and hooks in the wall for pictures / drawings
  • Painting a wall in a different color
  • Scratches on the floor with heavy furniture
  • Damage to fitting and furniture

Even if the above are by accident, you will be charged for repair upon move-out.

One is legally bound and the property owner cannot unreasonably over charge for damages and cleaning (if applicable). The damages and cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit if any, one has to pay for damages that have happened and are not caused by “wear n tear”. Normally the terms of the lease mentions penalties in the form of interest and continuing to hold possession in case of delay in payments of security deposits.

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