Rental Apartments FAQ’s

Following is a list of the costs involved at the start;

  • Deposit – One to four months. (Three months is standard)
  • Rent in Advance – Initial part month you move in on + one full month
  • Agent Fee – One month rent + 18% GST
  • Contract Fees – Stamp duty + Registration charges – 30% of monthly rent (approx)

****Realistically you should budget for four to six months of rent to move in.

  • Following documents are required;
    • Proof of Employment: Employment contract from company in India/Abroad
    • Residence Proof: Scan or clear hi-res photograph of front and back of Driving Licence, Election ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card
    • Passport Information Page: Scan or clear hi-resolution photograph
    • Passport Visa Stamp: Scan or clear hi-resolution photograph

    In case you are not employed with any company or want to rent apartment in individual capacity, depending on individual’s circumstances there may be other documentation required for proof of funds like Salary Certificate, Business Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, Income Tax Returns etc.

    If your company is taking care of your apartment needs, we will make contact directly with the company to receive information and save you time and effort.

Rent is payable in advance for the month. This is usually due at the start of the month and has to be paid ideally before 7th of each month.

YES. We have put only featured apartments on website. We have a private database of 1000+ properties and new are added every month. Please contact us directly via phone (+91-9818-023-230) or email at: and you can also fill our Query Form with your requirements, our expert will assist you with latest properties available today matching your need.

We would be more than happy to arrange a visit to the apartments of your choice! Realistically we will need at least 24 hours notice as our leasing experts are usually booked well in advance. We also need to contact the property owner to arrange viewing times and building entry etc. Our office hours are Monday to Saturday 09:30 to 18:30. But we can always take special requests for visits on Sundays.

Normally owners don’t allow pets. But we can find properties that are pet friendly. A deposit will usually be required to keep a pet. If you have a pet or intend to have one, please inform us before viewing the apartments.

Gas, Water and Electricity are utilities already activated, we take the readings at the time of check-in, so that one is charged on actuals. Internet and Cable TV services can be activated in a short span of 2-4 days, our team will be pleased to assist you.

Generally speaking you are looking at around 15 working days from the time you contact us. Two to Seven working days to find and view an apartment, Five to Eight working days for approval and signing of legal contracts and transfer of advance rents and security deposits.

It depends on case to case, but in most cases visit can be arranged after taking prior appointments for the same with the help of landlord with current tenants.

Normally owners prefer any lease tenure over and above 11 months, but preference is always given for lease which is at least for a period of 2 years. There are few owners who do contracts valid for less than 11 months, in case of shorter requirements please contact our team.

The contracts also come with a lock-in period starting from 3 months to 6 months, in this period one cannot terminate contracts without penalties. After the lock-in period, generally there is a penalty of one to two months rent for early termination of the contract.

Therefore one has to be very clear about the stay period to avoid early termination charges.

Yes, it is possible to termination the contract but one has to check the early termination clause in the contract. One requires minimum notice period (normally one to two months) mentioned in contract for vacation for avoiding penalties for early check-out. There will be no refund if the termination date is less than the notification period mentioned or if you vacate the property before the revised termination date.

Lease contracts can usually be renewed if requests are made well in advance, but will require a contract renewal. This will incur a stamp duty fee and a registration charge. However, in some cases the lease will be fixed and cannot be renewed. Contract renewal differs from property to property and are at the sole discretion of the owner. Please confirm with the leasing expert before signing the lease.

The industry standard professional fee for you to hire your relocation expert/agent is equivalent to one month’s rent plus 18% (may be change in future) GST. Generally, the fees paid includes service of introducing suitable apartments/homes, processing paperwork and applying for utility services.

Maintenance fee is a fee charged to common occupants in a building for common services. This is usually applicable to apartment buildings that have a Concierge, Rubbish Rooms, Swimming Pools, Gardens, Security, Lift Maintenance, etc. It is common for apartment buildings that have shared areas and is not negotiable.

In India this is not compulsory when moving into an apartment. But is recommended as it provides protection against events beyond your control that happen in your apartment.

In India, when you move-out of the apartment, normally you are not charged any cleaning fee. Some property owners insist on it and one has to go by what has been settled at the time of signing of the contract. If you are in India, normal “wear and tear” is borne by the property owner, but you will be liable for any damage. There is no regulation governing the same but the owner can only charge directly applicable and reasonable damage.

The following are examples of what damage you will be responsible to pay for:

  • Holes and hooks in the wall for pictures/drawings
  • Painting a wall in a different color
  • Scratches on the floor with heavy furniture
  • Leaving the damage (even natural one) and as a result the damage gets bigger

Even if the above are by accident, you will be charged for repair upon move-out.

One is legally bound and the property owner cannot unreasonably over charge for damages and cleaning (if applicable). The damages and cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit if any, one has to pay for damages that have happened and are not caused by “wear n tear”. Normally the terms of the lease mentions penalties in the form of interest and continuing to hold possession in case of delay in payments of security deposits.

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